Perfect Carbonara

今日夫が夕食に作ってくれたのはカルボナーラでしたが、パスタの茹で具合、塩加減、ねっとり感などどれをとっても完璧なカルボナーラでした。カルボナーラには様々なレシピがありますが、今日は Jamie Oliver のサイトにある Gennaro さんの「Gennaro’s classic spaghetti carbonara」を使ったそうです。(多分わたしが作った時もこのレシピを使ったと思います。)全卵ではなく卵黄だけを使うレシピなので、こくのある仕上がりになります。とっても美味しかったです!

Dinner my husband made today was spaghetti carbonara and it was perfect in terms of al dente, the seasoning, and how egg yolk is cooked to a nice and sticky sauce.  There are many different recipes for carbonara and some are better than others, I think.  He used “Gennaro’s classic spaghetti carbonara” from Jamie Oliver’s and I think that’s the one I also use.  This uses only yolks rather than whole eggs, which I think is much better.


It would have been even better with guanciale or good pancetta but it’s not easy to find them here (while in Hong Kong we were able to get good pancetta easily) so he used bacon slices we had in the freezer.







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