Dinner At “Gilpin Spice”(Windermere)

ウィンダミアのホテル「Gilpin Hotel」では2泊したので、2日目はカジュアルなレストラン Gilpin Spice で夕食をとりました。インドご出身のシェフということでインドや日本を含めたアジア全般のお料理、ということのよう。

We stayed at “Gilpin Hotel” near Windermere for two nights, so we had dinner in their casual restaurant “Gilpin Spice” on our 2nd evening.  As the head chef is from India, this one serves Indian, Japanese and other Asian inspired food.


I liked the interior very much, specially the ceiling lamps and candle lamps.  The kitchen was open style.








Naan and dips.  Naan was very thin and hard (mostly crispy) and oily, not what we like.  I prefer softer naan.




Pani Puri.  We liked these little morsels.



Thai Paw Paw, cucumber, pomegranate, pepper, peanut, lime, palm sugar, chilli, fish sauce salad.  We expected it to be Thai style – sweet, sour, spicy – but it was just oily.  Here and there there was some salty bits but it was basically tasteless.  It needed more lime juice.  It looked very nice but didn’t taste good.  Very disappointing.  We left most of it but they didn’t ask anything.



Roasted tomato soup with cumin.  It was OK but a little too acidic and not much cumin flavour.  We like my tomato with cumin soup much better.



I cannot remember much about this beef, I think it was OK.



I thought we ordered Chicken Tikka but this is what came – looks more like Chicken curry.  Anyway, this one was tasty though quite strongly flavoured.  No photo but we also ordered cumin rice to have with this.  This was the best dish.



ココナッツシャーベット(ぼけぼけですみません)をオーダーしたのですが、ココナッツにヨーグルトが混ざっていて、わたしはヨーグルトが苦手なのでいただけませんでした。今メニューをみると、black pepper and yoghurt, coconut or lemon sorbet と書かれていて、わたしはココナッツを選んだのでしたが、ここにヨーグルトを入れるならそれもメニューに書いておいてほしかった。

I ordered Coconut Sorbet (sorry about the awful photo) but it tasted strongly of yoghurt.  I don’t like yoghurt so I wasn’t able to eat it.  On their menu, it says “black pepper and yoghurt, coconut or lemon sorbet” and I chose coconut.  It should say “coconut and yoghurt”.



My husband had Creme Brulee.  It doesn’t look bruleed at all….




As the dinner we had at their main restaurant the night before was excellent, we expected this restaurant to be also good, but apart from Pani Puri and Chicken curry, it was either just so-so or unpleasant and disappointing.  If the salad was tasty we would probably have had a much better impression.






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