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Today’s dinner was Pizza (with salad).  I love it, too, but it’s my husband’s favourite and he sometimes complains that I don’t make it often enough.  The dough is very easy to make but it’s the type you have to make on the day before and let it rise very slowly in the fridge, so I cannot make it on the day when I think of it, I have to plan and remember to make it on the day before.


The last time when made Pizza seems like in early May so it’s been more than 4 months!  It’s hard to believe but I guess that’s true as I would’ve blogged it if I made it since.  No wonder my husband complained.

いつものように、シンプル極まりないピッツァです。2枚はトマト、玉ねぎ、チョリソ、モッツァレッラのピッツァ、1枚はチーズ(今日はスティルトンとカマンベール)をのせて焼いたあとで蜂蜜とアーモンドスライスをのせて。2枚分の生地で3枚作っています。( FUKAI 石窯ピザ&ロースターで焼いていますが、生地がとても美味しく焼けます。リンクはわたしが購入したもので、今は新しいバージョンのものが出ています。)夫と、「一番美味しいね〜」と自画自賛しながら食べました。

As always, I made very simple pizzas.  I divide the dough into 3 balls, use 2 of them with pizza sauce (I just cook tin tomato down), topped with tomatoes, chorizo, onion, mozzarella cheese and basil, and then the 3rd one with cheese (today, I used Stilton and Camembert), honey and sliced almonds.  So good! (I use a Japanese portable pizza oven, which bakes it at extremely high temperature.)


The plate is very large so the pizza looks small, but it’s actually not so small.







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  1. These pizzas look delicious!

  2. spiceynoodle says:

    I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to you, somehow I missed the email to let me know there is a comment from you. Thank you for your comment!

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