Cooking Steak Using Anova


My husband had a gym session after work.  I know he needs to take some protein after such a workout but it’s not always easy for me to plan a meal with lots of protein.  We haven’t had a steak for a little while so that’s what I cooked for him today – using the Anova sous-vide machine.


As the bouquet I made today at flower class  has very autumnal colours, I decided to pull out a wine coloured table cloth.  I used to use this often from around this time of year in Hong Kong, but it makes me feel even hotter in Singapore in this weather so I don’t use it often.








The sauce is made with sauteed shallots (left over from yesterday) and mushrooms, with some wine reduction and cream.


I used an American Rib Eye, which was huge.  It was 4cm thick and very large so I cut it in half and give the part that doesn’t have a lot of fat to my husband so he can eat more.

またまたカットしたところを撮るのを忘れてしまいましたが、かなり赤く、「ちょっとレアー過ぎるかな」と思ったのですが、食べてみると美味しかったです。夫はレアーも平気ですが、わたしは「血が滴る」ほどのレアーはちょっと苦手。でも、Anova で調理するとすごく赤くても食感が生っぽくなくて美味しいです。

I forgot to take a photo of the cut part but it looked very red and rare.  My husband doesn’t mind it rare but I’m not a big fan of bloody steak.  However, even though it looked very rare, the texture wasn’t and it was very good.  Anova cooks it differently, I really like steak cooked with Anova.








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