Handmade Card By My Husband – So Sweet!


hello が右下がりに曲がっていたり、インクがあちこちについていたりするのですが(&に使ったインク、多分ピグメントインクと言って乾きにくいインクなのだと思います)、パーフェクトじゃないから余計一生懸命さが感じられる気がして、夫が作っているところを想像すると可笑しかったり、可愛かったり。夫にカードの作り方や道具の使い方を説明したことはないし、わたしが作っているところをそばでじっとみていたこともないので、作れるだけですごい。 なんて、きっと欲目なのでしょうが(笑)。

歳のせいか涙もろくなっていて、こんな人と一緒に過ごせてわたしは本当に幸せだな〜、としみじみ、きゅ〜ん、じ〜んとしてしまいました。かなり歪んでいるし汚れていますが(笑)、デザインも素敵。中に「&」の続きの、Happy Birthday! のスタンプが押されています。

It’s my birthday today and my husband gave me a birthday card that he made.  He has given me a few cards he made in the past few years but not always, he always surprises me for this reason and also with the design that is simple but effective.

“hello”s are quite crooked and there are a lot of ink smudges (the ink he used for “&…” is most likely pigment ink, which takes a while to dry) but somehow that seems to make it even sweeter than if it were perfect.  I’ve never shown him how to make a card so he must do a lot of guessing while he makes one.  Imagining him making it while I’m not in the study makes me smile, he is so sweet. I feel so lucky to have him to share my life with.  Maybe I’m getting too old but somehow it made me feel quite tearful.  Am I getting too soft?







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  1. So sweet and happy birthday!

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you!

  2. connie.n.w. says:

    Happy birthday! This card is so cute! I always appreciate and get sentimental when friends and family give me handmade things. You’re right, the imperfections make it even better because it’s so unique to who they are. Also, this card seems extra cute because I imagined the time it took him to stamp each “hello” and know it had to take patience.

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you very much for your warm words. He told me after I wrote this post that he threw away one that he messed up but didn’t have enough patience to make another one.

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