Handmade Pasta – Spinach Pici


昨日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、イタリアのトスカーナやウンブリアの手打ちパスタ、ピチでした。生地をパスタにするところだけ、わたしも手伝いました。使ったレシピは、Jamie Oliver のほうれん草入りピチのレシピ 。


My husband made Pici for last night’s dinner.  Pici is simple pasta basically made with just flour and water in Umbria and Tuscany.  We used Jamie Oliver’s recipe “Spinach Pici”, which we’ve made a few times before.   You just chuck spinach and flour (’00’ flour) in a food processor and process it together until it becomes a ball of dough.  I helped him shape the pasta but he did the rest.


The sauce has garlic, zucchini, petit tomatoes & Parmesan cheese.  It also has some chilli flakes so a little spicy.  I love the texture of zucchini and it was seasoned perfectly, delicious.











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