Chicken Schnitzel & Salsa


Today’s dinner was Chicken Schnitzel & Salsa.  Instead of Veal Schnitzel, I use chicken breast – opening and making it thin.  I got the idea from a Japanese blog and made some change.  I cannot open up the chicken breast nicely and keep it in one piece so I cut them smaller then make them thin, then put the pieces in flour, egg then Japanese bread crumb and shallow fry in olive oil.  We squeeze some lemon juice and have it with salasa.


In the salsa, I put tomato, cucumber, onion (I used banana shallot today), yellow pepper,  coriander stems and leaves, salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil.


I know it’s not super healthy as it’s shallow-fried but it’s chicken breast and we have it with lots of salsa so I think it’s not too unhealthy.  Today, I roasted some Japanese sweet potato with skin on, so sweet and delicious.

Every time I make this my husband says how much he enjoys it. He seems to like the combination of crispy chicken and lemony and crunchy salsa.







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