The Maldives 9 – Moroccan Dinner (Four Seasons at Landaa Giraavaru)


Just a couple of more posts about the Maldives…


The dinner on our 4th day.  We went back to their Moroccan restaurant because the food on the Meze Night on our first day was very good.  I expected what we had to be on their menu but many of them weren’t there.


First they serve you the vegetables sticks, lettuces and herbs with Turkish Yoghurt dip like at the Meze Night (no photo).  We ordered 4 meze and 1 main.  From meze, we had falafel, fava beans, hummous and nut dip (forgot to take a photo of the nut dip).  We liked hummous at the Meze Night but this evening it was watery and not very nice.  My husband told me he liked falafel best, but I thought it was floury and not very exciting.  I liked the nut dip very much, I think it’s the same dip as I learned at a cooking class that has roasted red pepper, harissa and walnuts.  Their pita bread is also very fresh and nice.












For the main we ordered Beef Tangine and couscous.  Beef was cooked until it was very tender but it had strong gamyness, it tasted almost like lamb.  My husband liked it but I couldn’t eat it.  Although the beef was very tender and falling apart, the sauce didn’t seem to have been cooked long.  I guess they made quick tomato sauce and put the cooked beef in there.








We ordered brownie but it didn’t seem brownie , it was chocolate cake with a thick sweet chocolate layer covering the cake.  Very sweet…





It wasn’t as good as we were expecting from what we’d had at the Meze Night.






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