The Maldives 10 – Four Seasons at Kuda Huraa & The Last Dinner


We seem to be in the middle of rainy season in Singapore.  It always rains a lot here but this time of year it rains even more and it’s been thundering and raining heavily often in the last one week or so.  In this weather, I need to put the aircon on and off often.  It’s too warm (or feels stuffy) without the aricon but when I put it on it feels too cold.  Our condo is very old so the aircon system isn’t very sophisticated.  Maybe newer places are different, but I wish we had the sophisticated aircon that we have in Japan.


Our holiday in Maldives was only for 4 nights but I seem to be taking a long time to write the reports.  This is the last one.

モルディブからシンガポールへの帰りのフライトは夜中近い11時ごろのフライトを取りました。夜のフライトだと1日たっぷり使えてお得な気がする反面、お部屋が使えないとリラックスできないですし、結局フライトが気になってあまり楽しめなかったりするものですが、午後遅めの時間に2つあるフォーシーズンのうち空港に近いところにあるフォーシーズン(Kuda Huraa)に移動して空港に向かう時間までゆっくり出来るパッケージを予約していたので、のんびりできて良かったです。

We booked a late night flight (around 11.00pm) from Male to Changi so we had a whole day on our last day in the Maldives.  Taking a night flight seems like a good idea because you feel you get an extra day but I find we get tired often because we don’t have a room in a hotel as a base,  and we are sort of worrying about the time all the time.  However, this time, we took a package that included the transfer to Four Seasons Kuda Huraa (which is closer to the airport) in the late afternoon and spending the rest of the day there until it was time to leave for the airport so we were able to relax better.

4時ごろのシープレーンで Kuda Huraa に移動。この日は海が穏やかで、ボートへの乗り換えも全然平気。

We took a seaplane to Kuda Huraa around 4.00pm.  The sea was very calm this day unlike the day we arrived in the Maldives so it was not scary at all to change from the plane to the boat in the sea.



ボートから降りると桟橋でスタッフの方がお出迎えしてくださり、Landaa Giraavaru から結構大勢乗りましたが、1組に1人のスタッフが仮チェックインのような手続きをしてくださいました。どの程度以上のホテルでこういうサービスが受けられるのかわかりませんが、こういうホテルに泊まると移動も手続きも不安なく1組ずつ面倒を見ていただけて待ち時間もないので快適です。

When we got off the boat, the staff were waiting for us at the pier.  There were quite a lot of people who were from Landaa Giraavaru but each couple/family had a member of staff to take care of them.  We were taken to the lobby, did something like a check-in (equivalent to anyway), then we just had to relax until it was time to meet the staff again at 9.00pm at the lobby.  I don’t know what sort of level of hotels provide this level of service but we were glad to have chosen Four Seasons as we felt we were always taken care of.


We decided to spend the time until dinner at the pool in a gazebo – there was nobody around the pool, it was just us!










We could see lots of fish in the see from the pool deck.












Gazebo had beds rather than chairs so it was really comfortable.


Looking at these photos of beautiful beach and the sea, even though I wrote that we probably would not be back because of the high cost, I’m wishing already we were back!


The package included the cost of dinner except for alcoholic drinks.  We chose to go to their Indian restaruant.

まずは、ビールで乾杯。ビールといえば、Landaa Giraavaru でもこちらでもインド料理なのにインドビールがなくてがっかりしました(メニューにはあるのですが)(特に夫)。どちらも「今、ストックが切れていてすみません、もうすぐ入ってくるのですが。」とのことでした。

First, cheers with beer!   Talking about beer, we were disappointed that they didn’t have Indian beer either in Landaa Giraavaru or here even though it was on their menu.  Apparently they were out of stock.




My apologies for the terrible photo with half eaten food, but this was our starter.  We ordered samosas.  They were very small and had chutney and some chopped onion and tomato ontop, which were very nice.




I’m afraid I cannot remember what we had for the main at all but I do remember they were all very good.




We took time to have the last dinner in the Maldives and went to the lobby before 9.00pm, but our boat didn’t come until 9.45.  I know they always tell you to be back earlier than we need to but we cannot help being there early and end up waiting and waiting….

30分ほどボートに乗って空港に着き、チェックインを済ませるまでホテルのスタッフがついてくださり、これもまた快適でした。Kuda Huraa も素敵でしたので、移動が面倒なので1箇所に4泊しましたが、いずれにしても移動するわけなので、Kuda Huraa と2泊ずつしても良かったかもしれません。そうすれば食事に飽きることもなかったかも。シュノーケルだけならここでも十分だったような気がしました。

About 30 minutes ride of a boat to the airport, we were met by a staff and he took us to the check-in counter and looked after us until we went through the barrier.  We stayed in Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru because we don’t like moving around and it was a short break but we had to move to Kuda Haraa anyway and we liked it there, so we could have stayed 2 nights in each place.  As we don’t do diving, probably Kuda Huraa was nice enough and that way we wouldn’t have got fed up with having have to have the same restaurants.



So, this is all about our short holiday in Maldives.  Basically we didn’t do anything other than a little snorkelling and eating but we enjoyed it.  The trip to India in February will be a busy one so I think it was good to have a relaxing holiday.  However, my husband seemed to have trouble with relaxing truly.  I think it takes a while to unwind specially because he was so busy at work before leaving.  He kept telling himself to relax.  I wish he were able to go on holiday completely away from his work like 20 years ago but these days not many can do that.  Still, my husband wasn’t so keen on going to the Maldives but he seemed happy that we went, which is good.







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