Antipasto Platter And Pasta & Beans (Pasta e Fagioli)

きょうの夕食は、前菜のプレートと「パスタと豆(Pasta e Fagioli,)」。

Today’s dinner was a plate of Antipasto and “Pasta & Beans (Pasta e Fagioli)”.

前菜のプレートは、先日チーズ教室に参加した時に買ったプロビドールのカントリーパテ、最近気に入ってよく買っている Huber’s のフェネル入りのサラミ、カプレーゼの3種類。

On the Antipasto Platter, I used Country pate I bought at Providore when I went there for the Cheese Class, Caprese (because my husband loves this) and a few Fenicchio salami I like.







メインの「Pasta e Fagioli,」は、パスタと豆入りのスープ。イタリアでは各地で作られていて、いろいろなバージョンがあるようです。わたしは、最近亡くなってしまった Antonio Carluccio さんの本に載っているバージョンで作っています。今リンクをしようとウェブサイトのレシピを見てみたら、本のバージョンとは結構作り方も材料も違っています。きっと、冷蔵庫にあるもので作るタイプのものなのでしょうね。

“Pasta e Fagioli” is a thick soup of pasta and beans.  I read that in Italy, where cooking is very regional, this is made all over Italy and has lots of different versions.  I used the recipe from a cookbook written by Antonio Carluccio (who passed away recently) but when I found his recipe on his website it’s quite different from his recipe in the book.  I guess it’s one of those things everyone makes differently and you just use what you have in the fridge.




The prosciutto didn’t have much flavour so I thought the soup didn’t have much depth in its flavour.


Incidentally, we were not going to have wine today but when my husband saw the antipasto platter he changed his mind and wanted to have wine and opened a bottle of red.






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