Osaka Kitchen – Okonomi & Teppan-yaki


On Thursday in the evening, my husband told me he thought he was coming down with a cold and on Friday he had achy body, so I was worried he was having fever and his cold was going to be a heavy one but he was totally fine yesterday.  He seemed to have got away very lightly – touch wood!


Yesterday, we had dinner at “Osaka Kitchen” in Wisma.  A friend of mine told he she liked the place so I looked at their menu online and it had a lot of things I would like to try so I made a booking.


We were at the counter.




Marinaded cucumber with hot chilli oil.  I make similar marinaded cucumber and cabbage but these are cut in large pieces and are nice & crunchy.




Shiso garlic rice.




Grilled Goma Tofu (Yaki Goma Dofu).  I’d never had hot version of goma tofu but this was very nice.  Very hot and can stick to your tongue and burn it if you aren’t careful.



Saikoro (dice) steak of Ohmi Beef.  Not too fatty, very tender and good.  We could have ordered another plate easily.  It’s not special if you are in Japan but it is here in Singapore.





Yakisoba was OK, it tasted fine but the texture was wrong.  I guess either it didn’t have enough sauce or they should have used  a little water when they stir-fried the noodles, the noodles absorbed all the sauce so it was very dry and hard to eat.


When we made our first order the staff who took the order told us that Okonomi-yaki will take 30 minutes.  We were going to order Yakisoba not Okonomi-yaki so that was OK, we thought.  After having the 1st 3 dishes (the 1st 3 photos) we ordered Yaki-soba, when we were told that it’ll take a while.  We waited and waited but they weren’t cooking Yaki-soba even though there was plenty of room on their teppanyaki-plate and they started making it after about 30 minutes of waiting.   So I guess they don’t make Yaki-soba or Okonomi-yaki often and want to make them at one time altogether for some reason.  So, my advice is that you order Okonomi-yaki AND Yakisoba first if you want them.






We also ordered sweet potato with butter when we made our first order but it didn’t arrive for a long long time.  We started to think they’d forgotten after about 20 minutes but it’s hard to tell if they are just busy or they’d forgotten so we kept waiting until they started to cook the Yakisoba.  They had forgotten.  These things happen, they apologised to us properly so it was OK.  It’s just that sweet potatoes are quite dry and heavy and there was quite a lot of it, so we couldn’t finish it.





So, we enjoyed everything we had, some more than others.  We particularly enjoyed Yaki Goma Tofu and the steak. There are many other items I can have on their menu, which is unusual as I often find just a few items I would like in many restaurants.  It is very casual, not a place you want to go for a special dinner, but the staff seem to all be Japanese, they are all working hard and efficiently and we felt as if we were back in Japan.  We’ll definitely go back.


The only thing is that it’s not cheap for what it is.  We had 4 very small draft beer and the total bill was a little more than S$160 – it seems a lot comparing to what it would be in Japan – but this is Singapore.   Their course menu is S$60 per person so I guess when you have a couple of beers it would be abut the same.  If you want to eat a little bit of many items the course menu would be better but the quantity of each item is really small.  (Many people seem to be having the course so we saw the chefs cooking and plating for them in front of us.)   There are a few things I cannot have on the set courses so I guess for me it’s better to order a la carte.


It seems very popular, we saw people waiting outside most of the time when we were there.  It’s not a big restaurant so you should make a booking if you want to be sure to get seats.  You can see their dinner menu online but not lunch menu, but it is open for lunch so I’d love to try that one day.


Osaka Kitchen
4F Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238877

Tel:+65 6262 3271






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