Jamie Oliver’s Beef Stew

今日、夫が作ってくれた夕食は、Jamie Oliver の「Jool’s favourite beef stewと名付けられたビーフシチュー。ビーフの他に人参、ポテト、バターナッツスクウォッシュ、パースニップが入っていますが、何度か作ってみて野菜類が多すぎてたくさん残ってしまうので、今日はお野菜を半分にしていますが、ご覧のように十分すぎる量です。使ったビーフは、スネ肉。

Today’s dinner my husband cooked was Jamie Oliver’s “Jool’s favourite beef stew”.  As well as beef it has carrot, potato, butternut squash and parsnip.  We found when he cooked this before that there is too much vegetable so today he used about a half of the quantity in the recipe (well, we cook half of the recipe, so a quarter of the vegetables) but it was more than enough.  He used Shin of Beef.


In the recipe, you put all the vegetables in with the beef at the start of cooking, but parsnip and butternut squash melts completely that way so today he added them about an hour and a half after he put the whole thing in the oven and they were very tender.  I think it might be also nice to put a half of them together with the rest and a half add later, that way what you put together with the rest will be melted and become part of the sauce and the other part will be just tender.




Just before you eat, you sprinkle on a mixture of lemon rind, garlic and rosemary – it adds beautiful aroma and also makes the stew a little lighter.



We are enjoying the wreath I made yesterday on the dining table with a large candle in the middle.



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