Day 4 In Japan / Dinner


Here is the dinner on the 2nd day in Yufuin.  I didn’t take all the photos, though.

















Personally, I would love to have a choice of having just a couple of little starters, then hot pot, then dessert – something simple like that is much more enjoyable for me.  Even when we have such a choice, I’m quite sure that the majority of people would choose this type of dinner as it’s not often you get it, so there will still be a lot of opportunity to cook proper dinner for the chefs.  I just find this type of dinner too much, too long and lots of them taste similar.  I try to eat as much as I can because I appreciate their work as I know it’s a lot of work in details but I stop enjoying it halfway through.  There are some ryokan that give us that sort of a choice but not many and I hope there will be more in future.


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