Day 5 In Japan / Back To Fukuoka


After 2 days in Yufuin, we went back to Fukuoka for 1 night before coming back to Singapore on an early morning flight on the following day.  We used a bus (a coach, I guess, they would call it in England) from Yufuin to Fukuoka, which took only 2 hours.  I booked tickets online and had 2 choices for getting the tickets.  I could either send them to my iPhone and show it to prove or send it to my PC, print them out and show them to them.  I was worried I may forget to take or lose the print out so chose to show it on my phone but I was also worried what would happen if there is no internet access or something goes wrong with my phone.  Of course all went smoothly.  The bus was also mostly filled with Korean people.


It was around lunch time when we arrived back in Fukuoka, so we went in a nearby building from Hakata bus terminal and had Misokatsu (tonkatsu with miso sauce) in the restaurant, Yabaton.  My husband wanted to have Tonkatsu but we couldn’t find a usual one, so tried the misokatsu, which is Nagoya speciality.  The staff poured the thin sauce all over the tonkatsu, which made crispy tonkatsuto soggy, which was a shame, but it tasted good and we enjoyed it.  I do prefer the usual style, though.



After lunch, we went to Hotel Okura again and checked ourselves in, picked up our luggage (we left suitcases there) and left all the luggage in our room and went to Hankyu Department Store for a little shopping.  Then we went down to the food hall, looked at all the yummy looking food, had some fresh juice (I had strawberry juice, so so delicious! My husband had orange juice) made at the spot, then went back to the hotel and rested until dinner time.


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