Soup Restaurant


I had lunch with a friend to catch up.  She moved from Hong Kong to Singapore a few months ago so quite new to Singapore and wanted to try Ginger Chicken at Soup Restaurant.  This is our 9th year to be in Singapore but I still hadn’t tried it and it’s very popular so it was great for me to try it.  I have bought many jars of their ginger sauce


They have many branches but we went to the Paragon one. As well as Ginger Chicken we ordered a homemade tofu dish (deep-fried and with some mince pork toppings and chilli sauce), Stir-Fried Green Beans (without dried shrimps) and rice.


The tofu dish was supposed to be with “spicy sauce” but I don’t think it was spicy at all…









I wouldn’t say it was “Wow! So good!” but it was OK.  I liked the green bean dish best.

ちょっとデザートもと思いましたがほしいものがなかったので、場所を変えて滿記甜品(Honeymoon Dessert)で香港デザートをいただきました。2人共ゴマのデザート。

We wanted to have dessert but didn’t see any we wanted so we moved to “Honeymoon Dessert” nearby and had sesame soup with dumplings.





So, I finally had a chance to have Ginger Chicken!




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