Chilli Con Carne (And A New Lens)


My husband was away to Taiwan since Monday and has just got back.  He almost always has to go to Taiwan and Shanghai this time of year because they have End-Of-Year parties and he needs to attend them.  However, at such parties, the food they serve tend to be an expensive full course Chinese meal.  My husband isn’t a big fan of Chinese food in general although he does have many dishes he likes – like Mapo Dofu, Chilli Prawns, Sweet & Sour Pork and Green Pepper with Beef that lots of Japanese also love.  He doesn’t like Cantonese in general specially the expensive ones – like shark’s fin soup, abalone etc.  Apparently the only thing he ate was red paste buns – poor thing.


So I served Chilli Con Carni for tonight’s dinner as it’s his favourite.









These photos were taken with my new 35mm lens.  I almost always use 50 mm when I take photos of food but 50mm is too narrow for street photos.  I wondered if iPhone is good enough for that but I hadn’t bought new lens for a long long time and I wanted to take good photos in India so I decided to get it.  I would have loved to buy it with F1.8 but it’s really expensive, so I compromised and bought the one with F2.0.  It’s still expensive but hopefully worth it.


Although I bought it for street photos, I wanted to try it so I took the above photos using the new one.  I find it wider than I expected and I’m not keen on the effect of the larger f-number.  Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to it.  As my camera is not full size, 35mm is supposed to be equivalent to 50mm, which is often recommended for this type of photos.  Anyway, I hope I’ll be happy with the photos I take in India using the new lens.








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