Fluer De Sel

もうすぐ本帰国されるお友達と、随分前(3年半前)に一度だけランチで伺ったことがある「Fluer De Sel」でランチをご一緒しました。入った時はわたしたちだけだったのですが、ふと気づくと店内満席になっていましたので人気のようです。珍しく日本の方はお見かけしなかったような。欧米人の方達やローカルの方達がご家族でいらしていたり、職場からいらしていたり。

I had lunch with a friend, who is leaving Singapore soon, at “Fluer De Sel“.  I had lunch here about 3 and a half years ago, but hadn’t been back since.  When we arrived it was just us but a while later it looked full and busy so it must be very popular.  I don’t think there were any Japanese guests but many western and local guests, some families and some business people.


The interior is very chic and comfortable.  The only thing is that the tables are very closely positioned, you cannot help overhearing the next table’s conversation.  It was sometimes hard to hear my friend for this reason.  I was glad the next table guests were not Japanese.



I took my heavy SLR but there was no battery in the camera.  I forgot that I was charging the battery, it would have been charged but forgot to put it back.  So sad…  So the photos are taken with iPhone.


Both my friend and I chose the smallest lunch set, which has a starter, a main and a dessert.  There were only 2 choices for each course.


Complimentary amuse – they told us it was pumpkin mousse but it seemed more like soup.




For the starter, we chose Foie Gras.  It was between foie gras or lobster.  I think so many restaurants’ menu is the same – foie gras and lobster seem very popular.  Is it all over the world or just Singapore?  I have a feeling it’s especially so in Singapore.

The round thing is an apple tart.  Foie Gras was a little over cooked to me, I prefer it to have a melting texture.  The sauce was very similar to mayonnaise, quite strong and I felt it killed the flavour of the foie gras.  I prefer sweet sauce for foie gras.  Just my personal preference.



The choices for the main was either fish or this – beef fillet – so I naturally chose this.  I was a little worried that it may be too gamy for me but fortunately it was OK.  However, it didn’t have much flavour either, and the sauce tasted similar to the one for foie gras, quite powerful and rich.  This is again just my personal preference.  I’m not keen on the texture of fillet that you get in Singapore.  I love beef fillet in Japan but here they tend to be very dry.  The mashed potato was delicious but very rich so I managed to eat about a half of the beef and a half of the mashed potato.



We chose Baba for dessert.



We shared a bottle of sparkling water and also had coffee/tea after the meal and the bill was about S$69 per person.  I think their portion is very generous for the price.


The decor is very nice and I think they are good for Singapore but nothing was as delicious as making me really want to go back.

Fleur de Sel
64 Tras Street #01-01
Singapore 079003

Tel: +65 6222 6861

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  1. Everything is presented so nicely!!!! 😍

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Yes, the presentation isn’t bad.

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