India Trip Day 3 / Aer At Four Seasons


I still haven’t finished the 3rd day of our India trip.


After sight-seeing and the lunch, we went to a few shops for my shopping (but I don’t think I found anything I liked very much) and had a little rest at the hotel, then went out again to the Four Seasons Hotel’s rooftop bar “Aer” for some drinks.  Having said “drinks”, they don’t serve alcohol.  I’m told that after a sad incident of fire in a bar recently they stopped serving alcohol.  We just had a mocktail or two.

It took nearly an hour from our hotel to the Four Seasons but we arrived before sun set as planned.


When we arrived at the hotel, we saw some wedding.  Apparently it’s the wedding season this year in India.  When there were lots of colourful and sparkling lights, it was often a wedding.




The sunset was lovely enough but we weren’t able to enjoy it for long, it was covered with clouds quickly as it was a very cloudy evening.





Not as bad as Delhi but apparently the pollution in Mumbai is pretty bad and it was very hazy.  This photo is after editing.  It looks like a slum in front of the hotel.


When I was searching about our trip, this bar was very popular and looked like “the bar” you must go to, this is why I felt I wanted to see even though it was an hour away from our hotel.  To be honest, I don’t think it was worth the trip.  The view was very hazy as I say, not such a beautiful scenery anyway.  Maybe because you cannot have alcohol, maybe because it was an early evening on a Monday, but it didn’t have many other customers so no atmosphere.


I forgot to take something to wrap up my shoulders so I was feeling very cold while we were there, it was very cool and windy.  I think this is why I came down with a cold a couple of days later.




A couple of additions – these are at the Taj Mahal Hotel, they were changing the flower displays.  Most of flowers they use are chrysanthemum but they look quite effective.







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