India Trip Day 4 / Vintage Car Museum, Silver Workshop & Indian Wedding (Udaipur)


When we arrived from Udaipur airport at the Lake Palace hotel’s pier, our guide in Udaipur was waiting for us, which was a surprise.  We thought our plan was to relax for the rest of the day as we weren’t arriving until about 3.00.  The guide told us that he was told we wanted to see a full half day tour!  Well, we really didn’t but my husband wanted to see the vintage car museum and a silver workshop that the guide told us about, so after checking in we met the guide again at the pier and were taken to these places.


This is the vintage and classic car museum.  I only took a few photos of some cars but I guess there were about 10 cars or so?  Not that many.  I have no interest but my husband seemed to have enjoyed it.


The only thing was that the place was full of mosquitoes or something similar to mosquitoes, so many that I was worried I may swallow some of them.  I HATE insects so this was a hell for me!  My husband didn’t seem to mind and I didn’t want him to think I was being a baby so I tried not to start crying but I really hated it.  I cannot understand how my husband didn’t even seem to notice them.


As it was quite cool everywhere except Mumbai I was told we don’t need to worry about mosquitoes, but I took some goods to keep us away from them.  We didn’t need them but there were 2 places we had a lot of them (or some insects that are about the same size as them) – one is this place and the other is a small area in the market in Pushkar.











We did see a lot of cows in all the places we went to except in Mumbai.




Then we were taken to a silver ornament workshop.  All the guides try to take you to this sort of place and if it was up to me I would have declined but my husband wanted to buy a silver box if he sees what he likes.  These guides are very good at making these places sound good.


They put a sheet of silver on such a wooden mould and let it adhere to it.  There were a few rooms where people were working on various things but we didn’t see anything we wanted.  Thankfully they didn’t make it too uncomfortable for us to leave without buying anything.








We saw another wedding on our way.  The groom rides a decorated white horse.  A prince on a white horse?










I think we probably finished these sightseeing in 30 or 40 minutes, went back to the hotel and relaxed until dinner time.






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