Farewell Lunch At Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar


I had a farewell lunch for a friend who is leaving for Japan for good soon with 4 other mutual friends.  I met this friend relatively soon after we moved to Singapore so I’ve  known her nearly 8 years.  She was originally scheduled to go back to Japan last year but fortunately (for me) it was delayed by one year, but she is really leaving this coming April.

フラトンホテルの8階(エレベーターを乗り換えてもう1階?上がります)の「Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar」に行きました。わたしはシンガポールに来たばかりの時に夫とディナーに行ったことがありますが、その時は美味しくないと思いましたが、それから多分何人かのシェフに変わっています。明るくて良い雰囲気でしたし、サービスもプロフェッショナルな感じがしました。

We went to “Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar”.  I had dinner there several years ago with my husband soon after we came to Singapore and I remember we didn’t like it, but there have been a few different chefs since then.  The restaurant is very bright and nice and the service seemed quite professional.


We all had their 3 course lunch.  For the starter I chose Parma Ham, pear and Parmesano Cheese.  The pear was so unripe, crunchy and had no taste, but the ham and cheese were very nice.




For the main, I chose pasta with tomato and wagyu beef ragu.  I forgot the name of the pasta but it’s like rigatoni but much larger.  It was too large to eat without a knife.  I wonder how you are supposed to eat it.  I wish the beef was more tender, it was too tough to call it a ragu.




The dessert I chose was Meringue with strawberry compote.  The meringue was the very thin white disk, that was all – disappointing.  On top of the meringue, there is a scoop of ice cream and the one underneath the white disk is, vanilla chanttilly.




Although we don’t get together so often, we have all known each other for quite a while so it was a nice relaxing gathering.  I will be seeing her a few times before she leaves so it was just another lunch gathering in my mind.


If you stay in your country, I feel typically it’s not very likely that you make new friends all the time once you are grown-up but when you live an expat’s life, you have many opportunities to make new friends.  Of course the drawback is that you say good-bye to many of them.




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