Homemade Pizza


Our niece who stayed with us for 2 nights is leaving for Australia on a night flight soon.  She needed to leave our place a little after 8.00pm so we thought it’s less stressful to eat dinner at home rather than going out.


I remember I sent a recipe for my vegetable curry to her mother (my husband’s brother’s wife) as she wanted to try it and they all liked it, so I was planning to make that tonight.  However, my husband suggested to make pizza together saying it’d be fun.  I think he wanted to have it!  I hadn’t made it for a while…


So I made the dough last night and let it rise in the fridge, and we all made one pizza each.  The toppings are very simple as usual.   We made 2 of Tomato, onion, chorizo, cheese and 1 with just 3 cheeses (Brie, Stilton & Goat Cheese), honey and pecan nuts.


I found out there was no battery left in the big camera when I was going to take photos of the pizzas so I had to use my iPhone.  I didn’t take a photo of it but we also had a large salad.









As you bake one at the table then eat it, then bake another one and eat it, it takes a while to finish all and we were quite tight with the time, but we made it, and I think our niece enjoyed it.  We took her to the airport to see her off.  She’ll travel in Australia, NZ, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, then come back to Singapore on her way home in July.  We are looking forward to hearing all about her adventures.







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