India Trip Day 7 / Dinner At Raas Hotel

ビシュノイ・ビレッジを見学し終わって一旦ホテルに戻り、少し休憩して再び Raas Hotel の Baradari にディナーに出かけました。ホテルは街中から少し離れたところにあったので多分休憩は1時間程度。写真に残っていないのですが、夜は砦がライトアップされていてとてもきれいでした。

So, we went back to the hotel from Bishnoi Village, had a little rest until it was time to leave for the Raas Hotel (Baradari restaurant) again for dinner.  I guess we had only about an hour or so as our hotel was a little far from the centre of the town.  It doesn’t look like I took any photos but the Fort was lit up so the view was great from the hotel.




As we had Indian for lunch, we had western for dinner.  Many casual restaurants in India seem to have both Indian and western menu.


For a starter, I had a salad (similar to Greek Salad).  We cannot remember what my husband had but he thinks it’s likely to be Caprese as he loves it and many restaurants have it on the menu.



My husband had pasta, it looks like Tagliatelle with pesto.



I had pizza, which wasn’t great.  It wasn’t awful but these days you often get quite good pizza everywhere, this one was like pizza we had in a coffee shop 40 year ago in Japan.




So, I guess in general Indian food is much better in India.  Even when you expect it that way, it’s too much to eat Indian food every day twice a day for 2 weeks so we need a change.



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