India Trip Day 7 / The Bishnoi Village (In Jodhpur)

ジョドプール2日目、ランチの後は「The Bishnoi Village」(ビショノイ・ビレッジ)という村に見学に行きました。ジョドプールに滞在すると必ず含まれている観光のようで、砂漠地帯で原住民が昔ながらの素朴な暮らしをしている様子を見ることが出来るというもので、エージェントの提案でした。なんだか胡散臭いな〜と思い事前に調べたりもしましたが、評判が良いようなので行ってみました。本来はオープンジープでのツアーなのですが、わたしたちは自分たちの車で行きました。

On our 2nd day in Johdpur, after lunch, we visited “The Bishnoi Village”.  This visit seems to be included in every tour anybody organises and was suggested by the agent.  I was sceptical about it and did some research but the reviews were all very good so we went along.  It shows a glimpse of rural life these tribes live, they are apparently known to be staunch environment friendly.  People usually do this in an open jeep but we used our own car because it was more comfortable.


First we visited a potter.  He seems to make mainly water pots and piggy banks.







Then we saw an opium ceremony.  Although it’s illegal to use opium, certain people are allowed to use it for the purpose of these ceremonies.  He crushed opium in an wooden bowl, poured some water to mix with, then poured it in a sieve made of cloth twice.  He then poured it on his palm to drink it.






Then we saw special carpet weaving.  I don’t remember the details, but it’s very fine and tightly woven.  The method is a family secret, we were told, and even the guide wasn’t allowed to see him explain to us.





They were all interesting but I must say that the demonstrations seemed very staged and I felt they do these to get tips from people like us.  As our time was very limited. if I’d known what I do now, I would have rather used the time to walk in some street to see some blue houses and ordinary people’s lives because I felt we didn’t really see Jodhpur, as all we did was to see the Fort and this village.

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