India Trip Day 9 / Lunch At Anokhi Cafe In Jaipur

ジャイプールのランチは、アノキ・カフェ(Anokhi Cafe)に行きました。アノキというのは主にブロックプリントの服やスカーフなど扱っているお店で、わたしがシンガポールに来た頃はシンガポールにもあったような気がします。インドのあちらこちらにお店がありますが、ジャイプールのお店が大きいと聞きました。

For the lunch in Jaipur on the 9th day in India, we went to Anokhi Cafe.  Anokhi sells mainly block-printed clothes and scarves and they have many shops all over India but I think the one in Jaipur is the largest.  I think there was a shop Anokhi in Singapore when we moved here 8 years ago, but I don’t think there is one any more.


I think we all know that you shouldn’t drink tap water, ice or raw vegetables/salads in India but I’m told that you can have them in hotel restaurants and also in this type of restaurants/cafe as they use bottled water to wash vegetables/salads.  It’s not just water that is a problem, it also has a lot to do with staff’s hygiene, so I don’t know if you can say it’s 100% safe, but at least we didn’t get sick from food anywhere in India.


It was full of western people and I thought many of them looked like they live in Jaipur or somewhere in India.



My husband had some sort of a salady sandwich – tomatoes, cucumber, some leaves…  We were going to share but it had some taste that I didn’t enjoy, I think it was the leaves that had bitter and a little unusual taste.  My husband enjoyed it.



I had farafel pita sandwich, which was very good.  The salsa looking salad was also very tasty.  I tried a tiny bit of the green chilli – it was incredibly spicy!




There were many vegetarian dishes, they all looked delicious.  I wish there is such a cafe in Singapore, too.


I did have a walk around in the shop next to the cafe but nothing seemed to look good on me so I didn’t buy anything.


We were out from morning till evening often and had been busy so we decided to relax in the hotel after lunch.

Anokhi Cafe
2nd Floor, C 11, KK Square
C Scheme, Prithviraj Road
Ashok Nagar, Jaipur
Rajasthan 302001, India

Tel: +91 141 400 7245

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