Soup & Salad


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.  The soup was Black Beans Soup and the salad was Kitchen Sink Salad.  I forgot to adjust the colour temperature on my camera so the colours are strange.




In the salad, I put tomato, red pepper, cucumber, salami with fennel, potato, San Daniel ham, Cannellini beans, onion, eggs (they were too soft so we just put one each on individual plate).  The avocado was very good today, it makes a big difference to a salad.  (In Singapore you cannot get the ripe ones and you need to buy them in advance and use them when ready, I often use it too early or too late.)  The salami and the ham were left-over from the Cheese Fondue evening.  The salad dressing was very simple, just salt, pepper, a little sugar, lemon juice and olive oil.


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