LaBrezza At St. Regis


I had lunch with a friend (who will be leaving for Japan for good soon) at LaBrazza at the St. Regis. I’ve been to their Chinese restaurant before but I think this was my first time to be at their Italian.


We both had their Business Lunch Set.  My friend chose Seafood Salad.



I had “Today’s Soup”, which was mushroom.  I wonder why so many restaurants’ “today’s soup” in Singapore is mushroom.  The portion was quite large so I had just about a quarter of it.  I find soup tends to fill me up.



For the main, my friend chose Lamb.  I guess it’s how Italians serve their main course but it came only with mashed potato.  Some vegetables on the side would have been nice.



I cannot remember the name of the pasta but it was short type with tomato sauce.  (Their menu said “pesto” but they told me it was tomato sauce today.)  The tomato sauce was light and not too acidic, quite good.



Then “Today’s Cake”, which was Cassata.



We were one of the 2 last groups in the restaurant.  I thought it was about 2.00pm but I’d forgotten we started a little later today and it was 3.00pm when we looked at the time.


It’s been 8 years since I first met her and she’d made many cards with me over the years.  She told me that she couldn’t use many of them and have sent a lot to Japan already.  This is one of the cards she made and she gave it to me today.



It looks quite simple but it has so many layers that it takes quite a long time to make as you have to choose many patterned papers.


Very sad that I will have only one more opportunity to see her next week before she leaves.

29 Tanglin Road
The St. Regis Singapore, Level 2

Tel: 6506 6884

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