Jamie’s Italian

なんとなくそんな気がしていましたが、夫、今日はお料理する気分でなかったらしく、今日の夕食は「Jamie’s Italian」に行くことに。

I had a feeling this may happen, but my husband seemed like he didn’t feel like cooking dinner and suggested to go to “Jamie’s Italian” in Forum.


We had Burrata cheese, garlic bread, pizza with Parma ham & Parmesan cheese and Fondant Chocolat.  My husband had 4 slices and I had 2 slices of pizza.  We ordered a carafe of wine.











The food is usually good, we can usually make a booking even just before and it’s close by so we use this restaurant quite often.  It was relatively quiet, I guess a lot of people are away for a Easter holiday.  The total bill was about S$150.



Jamie’s Italian
583 Orchard Road
#01-01/04 Forum Shopping Mall
Singapore 23884

Tel: 66557676

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