Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew


Today is the last day in March and it’ll be April tomorrow.  The cherry blossom is in full bloom or even past that in Japan, this year spring came very early.  It’s hard to believe that a quarter of the year has already gone.  Each day, each week and each month seems to fly.

今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、Jamie Oliverの「Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew」、ジェイミーオリバーの奥さんが大好きなビーフシュチュー。ビーフの他ににんじん、パースニップ、じゃがいも、バターナッツスクウォッシュが入っています。ビーフはいつもはスネ肉を使いますが今日はなかったので、チャックという部位を買ってみました。普通の煮込み用のビーフで作った時は美味しくなかったですが、チャックは美味しく煮上がりました。お野菜は半分は最初に加えて煮込んでいる間にソースに溶け込んでいて、半分は途中から加えてお野菜として楽しめるように時間差攻撃にしています。とても美味しかったです。写真はかけるまえですが、ここにレモンの皮、にんにく、ローズマリーの細かいみじん切りをのせるのでその香りが良く、更に美味しくいただけます。(レシピの半分で作っているので煮汁が足りません、もう少し水分を増やした方がソースが煮詰まり過ぎなくて良いかもと思います。)

Today’s dinner my husband cooked was Jamie Oliver’s “Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew“.  As well as beef, it has carrot, parsnip, potato and butternut squash.  We usually use shin of beef for this sort of dish but they were out so we tried chuck steak.  We have tried “stewing beef” once before for this but we didn’t like it, the Chuck worked much nicer.  My husband added half of the vegetables with the beef and kept the other half until about an hour later or so, this way some vegetables become the sauce and some were kept in shape.  We hadn’t sprinkled it yet when I took the photos but you sprinkle on a mixture of minced lemon rind, garlic and rosemary, which adds extra aroma and flavoour and makes it even better.  (He cooked half the recipe – which was for 4 – so halved the liquid, but it’s better to use more than a half when you do this , the sauce was very thick and he had to add some more liquid during the cooking.)



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