Massage & Diptyque Candle From A Friend


I woke up with a pain on my lower back – deep inside of the waist on the right side, not something serious, just muscle pain.  I couldn’t think of why, though, as all I did yesterday was going out for lunch.  I had a massage done at home but the pain got worse after the massage, I guess it was a bit too strong.  The masseur told me it’s probably because I slept on the right side for long or I’m very tired.  I think I did sleep on my right side most of the night because right side of the bed was empty (as my husband is away). My right arm is painful, too.  I supposes that’s why.


Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow.

写真は、お友達にいただいたキャンドル。なかなか自分では買えない diptyque のキャンドルです。本帰国前にいただきました。お部屋の臭い消しやマッサージをしてもらう時に使っています。今日はそのお友達のとってもおめでたい日でした。お嬢さんが末長くお幸せになられますように。

The candle in the photo was a present from a friend who left for Japan for good recently.  It’s a Diptyque candle, something I feel I cannot justify to get for myself as it’s rather expensive.  I’ve been enjoying it now and again when I want to get rid of some cooking smell in the living room or when I have a massage.  It was her very happy day today so I was thinking of her, I wish all the happiness for her daughter’s marriage.



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