Flower Class

今日は、(先週特別イベントがありましたが)CARPO での今月の通常レッスン。シャンペトル。花材は、今年初めてのダリア、他にデルフィニューム、ニゲラ、スモークツリー、ユーカリ。難しくて大苦戦し、2度作り直しました。先生のアドバイスをいただきながら、最後にきれいに出来てやれやれ、です。自然光で撮ることが出来たら、また改めてましな写真をアップします。とりあえず、これで。


I had this month’s Carpo’s Flower Class.  Champetre as usual.  Dahlia, delphinium, Nigella, smoke tree & eucalyptus.  I found it very difficult to make this bouquet, dahlia has very thick stems and many of them a long narrow shape.  Still, with the teacher’s good advice, I managed to make it and it’s looking beautiful.  I’ll try to take photos of it with natural light in the next couple of days and upload them but for now just  a couple of photos of it on the dining table.

It’s huge and none of our nice vases are large enough, so I used a large glass candle holder.




My lower back was quite painful this morning like last night but it seems a lot better now.  There was a lot of preparation to do with the flowers today, I was standing probably more than 2 hours.  I wondered if that would make it worse but maybe it was good thing to do?

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