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I got back to Singapore on a flight arriving early in the morning today.  As always, the 9 days in Japan just flew.  I wish I were able to go back more often but I really do hate flights, 6 hours is quite long for me.

朝4時半ごろに到着して家に着いたのが5時半ごろ。荷物整理をしたりネットでブログやユーチューブをチェックしたりしてから予約してあった美容院に行き、帰りにグレートワールドシティーに用がありちょうどお昼時だったので Jones でさくっとランチをしました。ファラフェルバーガーとスイカジュース。量が多過ぎて食べ切れませんでしたが、まずまず美味しかったです。ただ、これで38ドル、やっぱりシンガポールは高い。

I arrived around 4.30am, got home around 5.30, unpacked, did some blog check and youtube check, went to have my hair done, stopped at Great World City as I had to get some money out and had a quick lunch alone at Jones.  Falafel Burger and Watermelon Juice.  The portion was very large so I wasn’t able to finish all but it was good.  However, this cost S$38, Singapore is an expensive place!




今日はこのまま夜まで寝ないつもりでいたのですが、そろそろ眠くなってきました。フライトでは Don’t disturb のサインを点けていたので結構眠れた方ですが、それでもフライトではぐっすり眠れませんし、前日もあまり眠れなかったので。お昼寝してしまうかもしれません。

I wasn’t going to have a nap but I’m feeling very sleepy now.  I put the “Don’t disturb” sign on on the plane so I slept relatively well but you can never sleep really well on a plane.  I wasn’t able to sleep much on the night before either, so I may have to have a nap.


I didn’t do much this time in Japan other than having a few meals out but I’m planning to blog them in the next few days.

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  1. Penny King says:

    Welcome back to Singapore, glad to hear you are back safely.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Penny x

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    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you! I’ll write an email to you soon!

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