Handmade Cards


A friend and her friend, who is visiting Singapore just for a few days, came to make some cards today.  I think it’s been a while since any friend came to make cards, the first time after I got back from my trip to Japan.


My friend’s friend made 4 cards.  It was a little late in the afternoon and it’s been raining or cloudy so it was quite dark when I took photos and the colours look a bit off.  The flowers are a much nicer pink than it looks here.  She was very happy with the way they turned out, just how she wanted them to be, which is great.



なんどもいらしているお友達は、小さなカードを6枚完成!可愛いカードが出来ました。全部をまとめて真上から撮りたかったので iPhone で撮ったのですが、やはり一眼レフの方がましに撮れますね。色がかなり違った感じに写っています。

My friend made 6 small cards.  They look very whimsical and cute.  I used my iPhone thinking it was better because I wanted all of them in the photo from the right above but my big camera is better, the colours look even more off…


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