Antipasti Dinner


Today’s dinner was a few Italian Antipasti.  A friend of ours in Italy, who run cooking classes and has published a cookery book, just blogged Eggplant (Aubergine) Alla Marinaraso I wanted to try it (but no anchovy) .  I also prepared Caprese, roasted red & yellow poeppers, Parma Ham with  lightly roasted figs and a green salad.


Of course, the major item is Eggplant (Aubergine) Alla Marinara.  My friend says she only buys aubergines in season because they are from Sicily and delicious.  Well, we don’t have that luxury here in Singapore!  There is no season here.  Almost all the ingrediants are from overseas like Europe, Australia, South America, Japan…  Even those that are picked in the season take a long time to get to our household and as it’s very hot here the conditions of storing and deliveries are not very good, so it’s nearly impossible to get hold of anything really fresh.  So, I bought what I can get – I don’t think they were fresh or in season but never mind!  It was delicious anyway.  The Marinara sauce you put on the roasted aubergine is very light so it makes the whole dish very light.  The aubergines I eat in Japan melt in your mouth including the skin but here the skin stays very tough, so you need to leave it on the plate.




I liked this “Eggplant Alla Marinara” because it was much lighter than what you get in restaurants.




I roasted red and yellow pepper strips at the same time as I roasted the aubergine (but I took them out before the aubergine was ready).  It becomes surprisingly sweet cooked like this.



The Figs were a little hard and I didn’t think they were ripe, so I roasted them also at the same time as aubergine for a short time and the result was great, they were soft and sweet!




They are all very simple to make but I love such a meal with some nice bread and wine. My husband loved it, too.

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