Chicken Marinaded In Curry Flavoured Yogurt


Today’s dinner was Chicken breast marinaded in yogurt with curry spices and baked in the oven, with Pilau rice and broccoli (sort of steam stir-fried).


I sort of made up the marinade without thinking too much.  To 3 or 4 tablespoonsful of yogurt, I added grated garlic, ginger, about 1 teaspoonful of cumin seeds, cumin powder, coriander powder, butter chicken mix (brought from India), garam masala and a little turmeric & salt overnight.  I sort of slashed (not all the way) a few places on each chicken breast so the marinade penetrates well.

事前に室温にしたチキンのマリネをできるだけ取り除いてからトレーに入れて、200度のオーブンで15分焼いてから、玉ねぎの大きめのみじん切りを炒めたところにマリネ液にお水少々と生クリーム少々(大さじ2くらい?)加えた温めたものをかけてアルミフォイルを二重にしたものでしっかり蓋をして、180度に下げたオーブンに戻してあと30分。チキンはかなり厚みのあるものでしたが、これでしっかり火が入っていましたし、とても柔らかく、マリネ液の味も染みてヨーグルトの酸味も加わり、美味しくできていました。上からシャンツァイをかけていただきました。(オーブンで焼く時間に関しては、Delia Smithの Chicken With Whole Spices を参考にしました。)

20 minutes before I started cooking I took the chicken out so it’s back to room temperature.  I scraped as much marinade off the chicken pieces I could easily do, put them in a tray and baked it for 15 minutes at 200C.  At the same time I chopped onion and sauteed it until a little sweet.  When the 15 minutes was nearly up I warmed up the onion, added all the marinade, a little water, a little cream (maybe about 2 tablespoons?), warmed it up and when the time was up I poured it all over the chicken.  I then covered the tray with double alminum foil and put it back into the oven for 30 more minutes, reducing the temperature to 180C.  (I referred to Delia Smith’s “Chicken With Whole Spices” for the timings of the oven baking).  The chicken breast was perfectly cooked – cooked all the way and very tender.  The marinade worked so well, too, and the yogurt added some nice acidity.  It was very good.  I just scatted some chopped coriander on top to finish it after serving.


For the pilau I used Japanese rice today.  I heated up some cumin seeds in oil, added chopped onion when the oil was hot, then added turmeric powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, butter chicken spice mix & salt, added washed Japanese rice and quickly mixed it all so the rice was covered with oil, added water and cooked as usual.


We didn’t think we’d finish the chicken as it was huge, but we did, maybe because it was so tender and the sauce was very light.  I think I would add more cream next time.



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