Ginza Anzu (via Deliveroo)


Under certain circumstances, we had decided to order our dinner on Deliveroo and found out our usual Ginza Bairin wasn’t available!  It also said that they were very busy and delivery time will be much longer than usual.  We guess it’s because of the World Cup.



We already had Tonkatsu in our mind so we tried “Ginza Anzu”.  A big mistake!  It took an hour (which I understand couldn’t have been helped) and the tonkatsu was awful.  The bread crumb is all soggy, the pork is hard, dry and flavouless.  There is a world of difference between that and Ginza Bairin‘s – you can tell even just from the photos.  Ginza Bairin’s tonkatsu is very crispy outside, tender, juicy and flavoursome.  Ginza Anzu did come with miso soup (which we didn’t need) but S$12 more expensive!  That’s more than 50% more. Wow!  If this is what we get, I’d rather cook them myself like before even though it makes the whole place smell of oil afterwords.

That was a very sad dinner….



Additional Note.  It looks like Ginza Bairin has closed in Singapore.  So sad.



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