Yantra (Indian Restaurant in Tanglin Mall)


I had lunch with a friend today at “Yantra” (Indian) in Tanglin Mall.  I’ve been there quite a few times but it’s been a while since I’d been there last.  They used to have a lot of vegetarian curry at their buffet but now there are more meat dishes.  They also used to have lovely salads for starters but now they put a little bit of a few dishes in tiny dishes.


Still, I find their curry lighter than in many other places and quite good.  I like their lunch buffet much better than their a la carte menu at dinner time.


Soup of corn and something (I forgot), Chicken Salad, some sort of sweet and salty potato and lentil salad.  They all tasted good.



Potato curry, Chicken curry, Chicken tandoori.  I went one more time and took a small amount of rice and potato curry.



I just realised that we didn’t have dessert, I completely forgot!  I was full and don’t like Indian dessert so I probably wouldn’t have had any anyway but it was my friend’s first time to be there, she probably would have liked to try some.

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