Nassim Hill Bakery


Well, the problem continues!  Nothing serious, too trivial to write in a blog but it’s still quite stressful and I didn’t feel like staying home alone.  Many friends left over the last few years and some close friends left in the last few months, there aren’t many left that I can just ask spontaneously if she would like to have lunch with me now and I don’t normally do that anyway.  Most people I know here have very busy schedule so they aren’t often available on the day either.  Anyway, eventually, I did ask a friend if she would be free for lunch and luckily she was.

行き先は、Nassim Hill Bakery。平日のランチはいつも空いていると思っていましたが、今日は結構混んでいました。夏休みだからでしょうか。

We went to Nassim Hill Bakery – for just a casual lunch.  It’s usually quiet during the week but it was quite busy today, I guess because it’s a school holiday time.


My friend had Detox Salad and I had Nutty Bird Salad.  I did take a photo of my salad with my friend’s salad but it was completely blur.  My iPhone has a problem with the Portrait mode.  So just a photo of my friend’s Detox Salad.






After I moaned a little to her about what happened, we talked a lot about the various places my friend had been to in France, which made us want to go to Europe!

As long as my husband, our families, friends and myself are in good health, nothing else matters so much and that’s how I genuinely feel but sometimes trivial problems can get to you and it’s nice to be able to change the mood by chatting and laughing with friends!





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