今日(日付はとっくに変わっていますが)は、ボブ・ディランのコンサートに行ったので、Star Vista で夕食をとりました。以前わたしが日本にいるとき、夫が同じ場所でのコンサートに行ったことがあり、そのときお店がどこも混んでいて困ったそうなので今日は予約を入れられるお店にしましたが、7時ごろならそれほど混んでいないようでした。

We went to Bob Dylan’s concert today so we had dinner at Star Vista.  When I was away in Japan one time my husband had been there for a James Taylor concert and had found most of the restaurants full so we decided to book somewhere and settled on “Gyukaku”.


Gyukaku is cheap  chain of Yakiniku restaurants in Japan but I’ve heard it’s actually a much better one here in Singapore. However, their Australian Ribeye was so chewy I had to swallow each piece whole, and the Japanese Kagoshima sirloin was too meaty for me.  Fried Gyoza had mayonnaise on and some sweet sauce, which is a bit strange but it was tasty enough .  Ishiyaki Bibimba was very good.  Then for dessert my husband had Matcha ice cream (with soy bean powder and dark sugar syrup) and I had vanilla ice cream (with soy bean powder and dark sugar syrup).




I would be happy to have Ishyaki Bibimba again but would not have their BBQ again.




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