Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Safari (11) – Hippopotamus

Shamwari Private Game Reserve では到着した日の午後から、翌日早朝と午後からの3回のゲームドライブでビッグファイブ全て見ることができましたが、大物で他に見ていなかったものにカバがあります。最終日は午前中にチェックアウトなので早朝のゲームドライブが最後。出発前に、「カバをまだ見てないので、見たいです!」とドライバーさんに訴えていました。そして、小高いところに他のジープが止まっていたところに行ってみると、いました!川は随分下の方ですし周りには木々がたくさんあり、がけになっていたのであまり崖の端っこまでは近づけずあまりよく見えたとは言えませんが、カバが水を吹き出したり水の中に潜ったりするのが見えましたし、ほとんど頭だけですがたまにかだらも見えました。声というのか、息遣いも聞こえました。この写真は体が見えている方は手前のカバの顔の大きさにっ比べて小さい気がしますので、子供かな?

As I wrote, we saw all Big Five before our last day in Shamwari Game Reserve, but we hadn’t seen hippopotamus yet, so before our last game drive on the 3rd day early in the morning, we told the guide we wanted to see them.  After a while of driving we saw a jeep parked, with the passengers and driver standing nearby looking down at something. When we joined them we saw what they were looking at – these hippos.  The river was quite far down and there were lots of trees around us and it wasn’t safe to go close to the edge so I cannot say we saw them well, but we did see them.  They were going under the water, then coming up, spraying water now and again and making some sort of loud breathing noise.  The first photo is the only one on which I got a part of a body, it looks quite small comparing to the face of the one in front so maybe it’s a child.


When we asked our guide what animal you would most hate to bump into, he said hippo.  Apparently they are very vicious, and don’t like anyone to come into their territories, so there have been many people killed by them.  They stay in the water during the day and come out on the land to eat grass at night.






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  1. ヒポってなんとなく響きからもかわいんだけど…そんな獰猛なのね。

    1. Noodle says:



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