Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Wineries (1) – Constantia


I think I only have wineries left to write about regarding our holiday in Cape Town.  Wine from South Africa is now known all over the world but we don’t see them here in Singapore, at least we haven’t found any since we started looking after we came back from South Africa.  We are guessing it’s because we are so close to Australia, and there’s lots of Australian wine here. 


In the wineries we’ve seen in Cape Town and nearby, many of them have restaurants and all the ones we went to charged for tasting.  I don’t remember how much but it wasn’t a lot.  Some of them discounted the amount of tasting fee from the wine we bought, some didn’t.  They pour quite a large amount in each glass so we couldn’t have had all (I know you can spit it out but it seems a waste) so we ordered one tasting and shared between the two of us, which was just about right amount.


Constantia, where we stayed first, is known for their wineries.  We did have a lunch or a dinner in other wineries but we visited just 2 wineries for tasting.

1つは、Groot Constantia。南アフリカで最初に出来たワイナリーだそうです。ここでは、10種類テイスティングをしました。

The first one is Groot Constantia, which is apparently the oldest winery in South Africa.  We tasted 10 different wine.




Klein Constantia。調べてみると元々は上の Groot Constantia と同じワイナリーだったの1712年に3つに分かれた中の1つ、とありました。こちらでは、5種類テイスティングをしました。

Another one is Klein Constantia.  I just found out that these two used to belong to the same wineries but were divided in 3 in 1712. We tried 5 wine here.




In Sonoma in the USA, wine tasting was free (though we haven’t been there for such a long time, it may have changed) and I think it was free in Australia.  When they charge you, we don’t feel awkward not to buy any wines after tasting, so we feel it’s better although if you visit many wineries the tasting fees can amount to quite a lot.  We go to only 1 or 2 places in a day so it was fine.  These places all give you a sheet with list of the wines being tasted with space where you can write down your comments, which made it easier to decide which one/ones to choose for us to buy at the end. 

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