Spicy Pasta Sauce / Keema Curry Re-Make


I made extra and froze Keema Curry last month and I wanted to use it up today.  As it was a little too spicy (I think I used too much black pepper), I decided to re-make it into a pasta sauce by adding some tomato passata to make it less spicy.  In Hong Kong I took some cooking classes run by an Indian husband and a Japanese wife and they showed how they make pasta sauce from left over Keema curry.  I’m sure I still have the recipe but I didn’t want to try and find it so I just made it up trying to guess what could have gone in – I sautéed some onion and garlic, added some Passata, water and ketchup then added the defrosted Keema curry and cooked it for a little.


My husband tends to like short pasta better but I wasn’t sure if this would go with short pasta, so I asked him which he would like me to use, fettucine, penne or fusili and unexpectedly he said Fettucini.  I’m glad I asked him rather than just using a short pasta.  He says he doesn’t mind flat long pasta, he just doesn’t like spaghetti type as it’s hard to eat.




It was good but still quite spicy!

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