A Friend’s Visit & A Light Lunch


A good friend of mine, who moved back to Japan about half a year ago, is staying with us for a few days from today.  She has many other friends to see here so she won’t be with us all the time (I asked her to spend her time the way she would if she were staying in a hotel) but we’ll still be able to spend more time together than if she were staying in a hotel.  She told me her stomach is feeling heavy after eating lunch and dinner out for the last few days so I prepared a very light lunch that should be easy to digest.  Minestrone soup that I made extra of the other day for today and a salad of La France pear (one of the ones this friend brought as a present), Parma Ham, Blue cheese, celery, grapes & salad leaves.


I took a couple of photos before my friend arrived but after she got here I forgot to to take photos completely, we were too busy talking.  As you see, it’s just a lunch I would prepare on a weekday for my husband and myself.  That is what I usually do when I have my friends staying with us, I tend to prepare a meal that we would be having rather than for a dinner party.  It may sound like an excuse not to do a lot but I personally feel the guests feel more comfortable and are encouraged to come again if I don’t try too hard and make too much fuss.




We talked from 12.00 until a little before 5.00pm, then she had to go out for an appointment for a gathering.  We’ll continue our chat tomorrow!  It’s probably more relaxing to stay in a hotel in many cases and I am happy that she chose to stay with us.  I hope she’ll be able to feel comfortable and relaxed enough during the rest of her stay.

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