Vegetable Japanese Curry


Today’s dinner was Vegetable Curry.  I made it when our Australian friends were staying but my husband was away on business at that time so I thought he probably would like it. It’s quick to make and both my husband and I love it so I tend to make it often.  When I have my friends here to make cards, I tell them they are welcome to stay until 4.00pm but often it takes them until about 5.00pm to finish what they are making, so whenever possible I think of a menu that takes a short time to cook for dinner so I can tell them they are welcome to stay until they complete the cards they are making.  Curry is one of the quick ones to make.


I used onion, garlic, ginger, carrot, potato, Japanese kabocha pumpkin and broccoli (and some tinned tomato).  I was planning to use left-over courgette and cabbage but the quantity got too large without them.


I saute onion, garlic & ginger, then add a few spices and continue sauteing.  I than add some tin tomato (just a small amount), sautee it again then add water and a bay leaf.  I than add carrot and cook for a while, add potato and cook for a while etc to cook harder vegetables first.  When everything is tender, I turn the heat off, add a few kinds of Japanese curry roux and garam masala and it’s done.  I added a little apricot jam to add a little sweetness.  Sometimes I add chilli peppers as well if it’s not spicy enough.  Most of the pumpkin pieces had fallen apart again, but it was still very good.



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