Handmade Christmas Cards

ギリギリになって焦って作っているクリスマスカードですが、幸い今年はシンプルなものに惹かれていているので、数日でかなりな数出来ました。どれも、基本のデザインは Lostinpaperこちらを参考にしました。

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make Christmas cards in time this year, but fortunately I have been attracted to very simple cards so I have already made many in the last few days.  I made these cards referring to Lostinpaper‘s these cards.


They are quite quick cards to make.  Just stamp in grey, cut the middle part out, adhere it then just dots of some glitter or some kind of dimensional liquid and a sentiment and it’s done.  My favourite is, I think, these Christmas tree cards, specially the ones with just silver ornaments.  I wasn’t sure if they are too quiet so I did use some bright colours on some but I like silver one best.




I made 3 more of the similar cards – using snow man, poinsettia & bell stamps.  I don’t like the one with the poinsettia stamp because my colouring is just awful so made only 4 of them but I like the other 2 so made 8 – 12 each.  Including those I made last week I think I already have about 50 of them altogether.  I can now start sending them out – starting from further away destinations.







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