Handmade Christmas Cards

こちらは前記事よりも更にシンプルなカード。Nuvo Crystal Drops という液状のもの(塗って乾くとぷくっとした形で固まります)を使うのですが、あまり数を持っていなくてちょうど良さそうな色があまりなく、色々試した結果この3色にしました。いつも参考にさせていただいている Yana Smakura さんこちらのカードを参考に作りましたが、わたしは枠のように下のカードが少し覗く形にしました。

The other design is even more simple than the previous ones.  You need Nuvo Crystal Drops or something similar to add some dimension to the Christmas ornaments but I don’t have many and those I have don’t seem to be very suitable for this card.  I tried quite a few options and in the end chose 3 colours.  I tend to like a pop of a colour around the top layer like a frame, so that’s what I did with this.  I wondered if it’s too simple so made just 1 to see if I like it and I liked it very much so I’m making 10 now.  Nearly done.  The card I refered to is this card of Yana Smakura – I love her cards.



My husband has already printed out the address labels for me, but it takes quite a long time to prepare the cards after making them like cutting the paper for inside, stamping the messages, writing the messages and signing them on each card, then stamping our address on each envelope.  I think if I don’t post until next week they probably won’t make it to the UK and Australia (not sure about Japan) because it seems to take 3-4 or longer weeks after posting them when it’s later than the 1st week in December, so I’m going to have to work on this today and tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll post some tomorrow and the rest on Friday and Saturday so they’ll all be on their way by the end of this week.

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