Honey Mustard Chicken Breasts


We are going to have Christmas at home in Singapore for the first time in a long time.  For the last 5 years or so, we had Christmas at a beach resort, then my husband cooked Christmas dinner after we got back from the resort.  This year, we invited a few friends to the Christmas dinner, so my husband, who will be the chef on the day, is a little nervous (and so am I).   We decided to buy turkey early but we couldn’t find the right maker’s right size one where we usually buy and had to go to a few places to find it.  After a couple of places I came home and my husband continued the search and found one right size (but a different maker).  In the past we never had a problem even though we buy one closer to Christmas.


Another problem we had was Christmas tree lights.  When we were out we bought a set of Christmas tree lights because the lights on the lower 1/4 of our tree had failed, but unfortunately these were slightly the wrong colour and my husband had to go out again and search for them as well!  Eventually he got some that matched and the tree is looking better.


I’m feeling quite tired as well but my poor husband!


So, without much rest, he had to start cooking dinner!  The dinner he made was Honey Mustard Chicken Breast.  He served it with mashed sweet potato and broccoli.  The last time when he made it I thought the sauce was a little too sweet so I asked him to reduce honey, it was better.



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