Long Weekend In Hong Kong (9) – Afternoon Tea At “Mandarin Oriental”


Neither my husband nor I have Afternoon Tea very often, but we used to visit Hong Kong from Japan, stayed at Mandarin Oriental and had it now and again. Staying at the same hotel again this time made us feel like having an afternoon tea there.  We chose Sunday because the dinner was going to be dim sum, which is relatively light.


Afternoon tea in Singapore is good in a few aspects – you can have quite a lot of savory items if you aren’t keen on having too much sweets, it often is buffet so you can eat a lot, many of them start at lunch time, prices are low – but it is not delicate or elegant.  At least that’s what I feel.  Whereas afternoon tea in Hong Kong is expensive but is much more elegant.  Cakes are also much more delicate than those here.


We shared one afternoon tea set, which we felt was just about the right amount.



You get one plain Scone and one with raisins.



I know many people who love the rose jam here.



I always say that homemade scones are the best but the scones here were good for what you get outside home as they weren’t too dry – I still say homemade ones are better, though.



We didn’t realise until we looked at it closely but this white cake was a snowman!  So cute!






As I say, an afternoon tea isn’t something we particularly love or have often, but we enjoyed it.

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