Happy Valentine’s Day!


Not many of my Japanese friends do anything special on Valentine’s Day (once they are married), maybe some of them give chocolates to their husbands but that’s probably about it.  Different countries seems to celebrate it in different ways, but I think most Japanese know these days that it’s only in Japan that girls give chocolate to guys on this day as a way to declare their love.  Recently, though, I hear they give chocolates to their friends, too.  I don’t know if things changed in England but as far as I know it was always for the guys to give flowers to their girls and exchange cards. I hear in the US they celebrate it in quite a different way, some of them would give cards and presents to everyone in a class in school for example.


When we lived in Japan, I used to give a card and chocolate to my husband and he used to give me a red rose and a card.  In Hong Kong I stopped giving chocolate but always gave him a card, and my husband always gave me a red rose or a half-dozen or even a dozen red roses.   Similarly in Singapore – but I don’t think he gave me anything other than a card last year…? (We were in India I now realise.)

夫には、基本的に薔薇は好きじゃないと伝えています。(薔薇をもらったときに、ではないですよ。)実際には好きな薔薇もあるのですが(ニュアンス色のものが好きです)、シンガポールのどこにもあるお花屋さんでは素敵な薔薇はほとんど見かけないのです。どういう薔薇なら好きかと細かく伝えても夫にはなかなかわからないと思うので、薔薇は好きじゃないと伝えた方が無難。そうしたら、今年は薔薇じゃないお花の花束をプレゼントしてくれました。「シンガポールのお花屋さんで好みの花束を作ってくれることは少ないから、いざという時はここにオーダーしてね。」と何年も前から夫のコンピューターにお花のレッスンに通っている Carpo の名刺を貼ってあるのですが、やっと Carpo でオーダーしてくれました。レストランで待ち合わせしていてテーブル席についたらお店のスタッフの方が持ってきてくれたのですが、あまりに大きくて実はちょっと恥ずかしかった(笑)。両手で抱える大きさでした。素敵な花束をありがとう〜。

I’ve always told him I don’t like roses. (not when he gave me roses, at other opportunities, I meant.)  There are some roses I do like but they are only in certain colours and certain shapes.  It’s not easy for him to understand such subtle description about roses so I just tell him I don’t like roses.  In Singapore I don’t think I have ever seen any roses I really love in an ordinary flower shop so it’s quite safe to say so.  A couple of years ago I stuck a name card of my flower teacher (Carpo) on his computer telling him that he should order from her if he thinks of giving me bouquet of flowers because as far as I know there aren’t many flower shops in Singapore that would make a bouquet that I really like – and he finally did make an order to her for today!  Yay!  We met at a restaurant for dinner today, we were taken to a table and one of the staff brought the bouquet to me because he had made arrangements for it to be delivered to the restaurant.  It was so huge, I felt quite shy!  So large that you had to hold it with both arms.  Thank you for such a beautiful bouquet!


I guess he was putting so much effort on ordering this bouquet, apparently he totally forgot to get a card (or make a card) until too late.  I did make a card for him, I’ll take a photo and blog it tomorrow.



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