Handmade Card (Valentine’s Card)


Valentine’s card I made for my husband.  This is my 3rd shaker card.  This card is the one I referred to.





I’ve been seeing many people call each other (a girl/a wife calling their boyfriend/husband or a boy/a husband calling their girlfriend/wife, I think sometimes even between friends) “babe” in England on Youtube.  Is it a new trend or it’s been this way for long?  I don’t know if it’s common or not, do most young people use this word in England?  Sounds very American to us.


Anyway, it sounds quite cute although it doesn’t really suit us, so I sometimes jokingly call my husband “babe” and he does the same to me and it has sort of become a joke between us.


It must be a common word to use in the US because it’s been made in stamps and dies recently.  Maybe young people use that word?  I don’t think any of my American friends call their husbands babe.  Anyway, I got the die cut of “babe” and used it on this card.  My husband said it’s embarrassing, he cannot show it to anyone!   He he he!

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