The English House

イギリスにとても有名な Marco Pierre White セレブリティーシェフがおられます。その方のレストランが出来たというので行ってみました。アジアでは初出店だそうです。ショップハウス隣同士を使った「 The English House 」。昨年9月にオープン。今年前半には上の階に作っているホテルもオープンするそうです。

We went to “ The English House“, which is the first outlet in Singapore by the famous celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.  It opened in September last year and apparently they are working on creating a hotel upstairs of the restaurant, which is due to open in the first half of this year.


I read that they’ve been renovating the building for the last 3 years and I must say it was very nice.  The lighting is very dark and somehow reddish so colours of the photos are very strange even though I edited them.



First, they served us a glass of Prosecco.  Although there was a la carte menu there was nothing I could have, they had special menu for Valentine’s Day, not normal menu, so we both chose their course menu, which was S$150++.


Amuse was pumpkin soup, my husband chose Pot of Foie Gras pate (with some sort of preseve on top) and  I chose Mr White’s Stuffed Cabbage with tomato sauce for the starter.  Then for the mains my husband chose Polenta with truffle and fresh mushrooms and I chose Roasted Pork Belly, Pork Skin & Noodles.  Then Bread & Butter Pudding and Raspberry Souffle for our desserts.


The pate was nice but very sweet.  The stuffed cabbage didn’t have much flavour other than the whole peppers.  We were expecting Italian style Polenta but it was like mashed potato with milk and nutmeg, not much texture – is Polenta English??  It would have been OK as a side dish but was not really suitable as a main.  The Pork dish tasted good but it was completely Chinese in flavour, we couldn’t really understand why it was served this way in “English House”.  I’m sure you can get as a good dish in a hawker centre.  Soufflé was fine but the Bread & Butter pudding was not warm, it was room temprature so we asked them to warm it up.  They took it away once but came back telling us it was supposed to be served at room temperature.  Really?  Usually Bread & Butter pudding has some custardish taste but it was very milky and the sauce was cream rather than custard (which is OK if the pudding is hot and custardy already).  I had a feeling there was no egg in the pudding, is it the English way?  It didn’t taste like what I’ve had many times in England anyway.  Then they served us a glass of Bellini by some reason…


Polenta had truffle on and Souffle is more restaurant dish but over all they seemed like pub food but the prices were celebrity chef prices.  With a bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of wine (S160), the bill was S$551.  It wasn’t our cup of tea.

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